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Watch You're So Cupid! (2010) online free

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You're So Cupid! (2010)

Information :

All Genres: Fantasy,Romance
Release Year: 2010
Director:John Lyde
Cast: Lauren Holly,Brian Krause,Jeremy Sumpter

Plot :

Twin Sisters Emma and Lilly are as different as night and day. Emma, ​​the beautiful blonde tomboy prefers a horse than anything else in the world. While Lilly, her timid red-haired twins, likes to be left alone to make it look good with a book. Inseparable since they were born that day, Emma and Lilly have an insatiable desire to play matchmaker, even if they fell in love is never. Emma and Lilly know where their skills are not only twinning is a bargain, but rather because his father is actually Cupid (yes the guy who shoots a bow and arrow). When they enter their senior year in high school, Emma and Lilly finally fall in love. Life becomes complicated when they are in love with the same guy and they become rivals discover when they try to win her affection. Sisterhood and Twinning are at the window, like last year threw the shoes, as Emma and Lilly plot to sabotage each other, so they win the heart of her dream guy. The sisters, who were once inseparable, spending every moment now, the planning of each other's death. Meanwhile, their parents are falling out of love. Emma and Lily can overcome their problems and use their skills to their parents twinning them back together?

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