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Watch Me and Orson Welles online free

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Me and Orson Welles

Information :

All Genres: Drama
Category: Drama
Release Year: 2008
Director: Richard Linklater
Writing by: Holly Gent Palmo – screenplay
Produced by: Ann Carli – producer
Cast: Zac Efron – Richard Samuels (Lucius)

Plot :

In November 1937, takes high school and aspiring actor Richard Samuels a day in New York. There he met and began a casual friendship with eagles Gretta, their friendship on a mutual love and purpose of a profession based in the creative arts. But this trip, Richard mercury twists and met Orson Welles, based on an impromptu audition, Richard offered a job as Lucius drama school in its modern version of Julius Caesar, which includes these fine players like Mercury Theatre Joseph Cotten and George Coulouris. Notwithstanding anything with official roles as producer John Houseman, this production belongs to Welles, the dictator unofficial / official. In other words, to deliver what Welles wants the best cast and crew. These requirements include everything, including that of a sexual nature. Welles does not believe the Congress and do what he wants, which does not close with a solid start, although the opening unofficial time of one week. In return, Welles acknowledged that his name be enhanced or destroyed in the scene of theater production. Richard is taken under the wing of the production of the Jane-of-all-trades, Sonja Jones. Known as the queen of ice the male voice, Sonia directs much of the sexual harassment by joking that it implies and Richard are having an affair that Richard wants nothing more than to be the truth. Having seen the end of the week, and approaches the first, the behavior of Richard Welles must decide whether the action of this production is useful at all costs.

Watch Me and Orson Welles online free videos :

Video Parts Video Source
Version 1 Full Movie CineJam
Version 2 Full Movie VidCube
Version 3 Part 1, Part 2 VidCannon
Version 4 Full Movie TheMovieNation
Version 5 Full Movie Windyvidz
Version 6 Part 1, Part 2 flixbuster
Version 7 Full Movie showsplash
Version 8 Full Movie ShowmeFlix

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