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Watch Chandni Chowk to China online free

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Chandni Chowk to China

Information :

All Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Category: Action
Release Year: 2009
Runtime: 154
Director: Nikhil Advani
Writing by: Rajat Arora – dialogue
Produced by: Roopa De Choudhury – line producer
Cast: Akshay Kumar – SidhulLiu Sheuyn

Plot :

Based in Delhi is Chandni Chowk, orphans Sidhu is the owner of Bajrang Bali parathas, simply known as Dada accepted. Years later, Sidhu has grown and is an expert in cutting vegetables. When his Chinese friend and philosopher and rods against him to believe he is the reincarnation of Liu Sheung, a revolutionary killed in China, is traveling Sidhu it upon himself to Zhang, the neighborhood where he was forced into a mortal woman to confront the assassin named Suzy, a half-mad beggar to be friends, and needs to humiliation and possible death from Hojo face almost indestructible.

Watch Chandni Chowk to China online free videos :

Video Parts Video Source
Version 1 Full Movie CineJam
Version 2 Full Movie VidCube
Version 3 Part 1, Part 2 VidCannon
Version 4 Full Movie TheMovieNation
Version 5 Full Movie Windyvidz
Version 6 Part 1, Part 2 flixbuster
Version 7 Full Movie showsplash
Version 8 Full Movie ShowmeFlix

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