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Watch Catch of a Lifetime (2012) online free

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Catch of a Lifetime (2012)
Elaine Rose Chalmers has the perfect life organization. The host of his own Austin, Texas radio, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Planning" spends his days in callers advice, such as tables, lists and graphics can to ensure a successful and peaceful life and what results they can expect. But what they did not expect, the result is a very disorganized evening at home in the small town of McIntosh, Florida again. It seems that "very difficult to remember the evening" with a recent Billy Joe Crawley, his childhood sweetheart, changed a few things on the list Elaine. And now … they unexpected awaits! A baby she had not done two years of plan, she had. Sentences in pencil at the bottom of the sheet goal 5 years And a one night stand with a childhood friend had not really been on his to-do list, either! Join Elaine, Billy Joe and a number of people in the city and many ole southern folk as we look with the one thing we all know in this life is guaranteed deal – change! Now it seems that Elaine Rose Chalmers, host of the radio show Austin No. 1 "Chalmers Charmed" to learn an unexpected pregnancy to her that sometimes the best plan is a force at all.

Information :

All Genres: Romance
Release Year: 2012
Director:Ben Klopfenstein
Cast: Julia Denton,Matthew Ashford,Corinne Broskette

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